Thanks for checking out my art!
This design includes Ebook and Full Cover. 
One of a kind. Never sold again.

When you purchase, I will need:

– Your book title and author’s name.
– Desired Dimensions (My default is 6×9 @ 300dpi)
– Your taglines, quotes, and other text you want on cover.
– For fullcover please specify the number of pages in your book. (My default is 300 pages)
– Your backcover text and/or author photo.
– Any changes to font color and/or style.
– Desired output(s): jpg, png, and/or pdf.

NOTE: The displayed font style is highly recommended for best cover. But can be changed upon request.
Please be sure you like your font changes.  Only TWO changes will be done free of charge.  There will be a $10.00 fee thereafter. Absolutely no artwork changes.

Other Purchasing Options:

– You may purchase without text. I will send clean art as well as a psd file.
– You may also buy and save the design for later customization.


– Allow 1-3 business days for customization.
– Files delivered by email or google docs depending on the size of the file.
– Full Cover print comes in both RBG and CMYK color.

Prices are determined by amount of work and time spent on the illustrations, if the set includes full cover, number of covers in set, and also accounts for the fee charged by the site. 

For more information you may contact me through the site. Thank you.


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